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More About Staten Island Neighborhoods

Staten Island neighborhoods are rich in history. When you are purchasing real estate in Staten Island NY, it’s important to know which neighborhood is right for you. Staten Island is New York City’s smallest borough with a population of 468,730 and an average family income of $102,797.00. Staten Island is approximately 58 square miles and contains more than fifty Staten Island neighborhoods surrounding town centers.

staten island neighborhood map

Staten Island neighborhoods are rich in history. Some are named for notable people who lived in the community, some were place names handed down from the Lenape, Indians who were the first known inhabitants and some were provided by the French Huguenots who settled on the south shore.

Most Staten Island streets are named instead of numbered, a stark contrast to New York City’s other four boroughs where a visitor can locate an address according to where it falls between streets. This is the reason why residents will give visitors their address along with whichever one of the many Staten Island neighborhoods it falls within.

Staten Island neighborhoods aren’t the only identifier for residents – they also divide the island into sections: north shore, south shore, east shore, west shore and mid-island, this is important to know when searching real estate in Staten Island NY because each of these sections have unique characteristics and transportation options.